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foodeveryonedeserves (f.e.d.) started in 2013 while I was living in Austin, TX.  I had been volunteering my time with a community effort to help our neighbors rebuild after their homes had been flooded.  Initially I had committed to cooking for a few days and I would prepare meals before going to work.  During this time donations were pouring in from local restaurants, stores and people's homes. Since we had the space,my housemates and I agreed to also be a drop off location for these donated goods.  A few days of cooking turned into a week and our house was a hub for the folx who were organizing in the flooded neighborhood.  In that time everything began to make sense for me and I knew that I needed to move forward finding ways to connect grassroots community work and my love of feeding people.  

I grew up in the kitchen.  I have a lot of memories of my family and friends that involve making a meal, but also just spending time in the space of kitchens. The kitchen was a destination point for my family who otherwise made their own spaces at home.  It was the place we would gather in the morning, after school/work and before going to bed.  To this day in my parent's home, the kitchen is where we all hang out!  Thinking back to all of those memories I laugh at how I took such a funny journey to come back to where I always wanted to be.

f.e.d. is more than just catering.  I am always looking for ways to connect food work to organizing and social justice efforts.  Being able to support community building with food is essential to maintaining the important work of building awareness and calling out injustices.  It is my aim to provide quality catering that not only sustains this project, but also is able to lift up those around me.

If you have an event, meeting or an inquiry about foodstuffs please e-mail me.

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Please e-mail for inquiries about catering, purchases, workshops and more!

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Spirited TatToing CoAlition

Spirited Tattooing Coalition set out to adopt a creative and respectful space that makes all of its patrons feel positive, supported and free. A safe space for people to express themselves. We want to make change in the industry and help people grow and feel accomplished in their bodies in ways that make them feel connected and at home with themself. To build a space for artists from the immediate community of West Philadelphia and all over the world to be a part of the shop and have the tools and platform they need to express themselves, where they otherwise might not have one. We want marginalized voices, artists and identities to have sanctuary while making those connections and baring down to their deepest layer.



Fikira Bakery

Fikira Bakery was founded in 2015 by Ailbhe Pascal in so-called "Philadelphia," occupied Nitapèkunk Leanpehoking. Fikira is Thoughtful Food; delicious and deliberately political. Fikira makes sweets and meals alike, putting righteous ingredients in the oven, and offering the finished yums for barter, fair sale, or donation. We also publish radical recipe books, teach bread making workshops, and collaborate around town. We rent kitchen space from other businesses to deliver directly to you--no store front of our own at this time.

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CultureWorks is a management commons for arts, heritage, and creative communities. We are a platform for sharing the human capital, space, technology, systems, policies, and practices that cultural workers need to flourish, whether as an individual or as an organization.


We serve more than 200 members—including ~80 fiscally sponsored projects—who access our services at below market rates. Basic membership includes access to shared workspace, flexible staffing, advisory services and classes to support a wide range of management functions. It is one piece of a broader offering that includes fiscal management, HR, insurance and a nonprofit umbrella through our fiscal sponsorship program, and—coming soon—a shared marketing and fundraising team. We provide equitable access to management resources for the makers and preservers of culture.